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GMing problems

spending a minimum of 20 minutes playtesting a combat scenario for balancing purposes to figure out how to arm and attribute enemies so they can pose a threat to the 20 HP, 7-11 Armor Point members of the party (okay only one has 11 AP, the other has Unnatural Toughness x2 for TB 8) while not completely one-shotting the 9-10 HP characters with like 4 Armor and 3 Toughness Bonus.

then it turns out during the actual combat that, due to two Flamer acquisitions, the dynamic motorcycle gang entrance gets ruined because duh, trying to dodge auto-hit flamers while on motorcycles is impossible resulting in a completely disrupted charge. in the end only one or two enemies got a single attack off before horribly dying—and the one attack from the ‘boss’ npc instead blew the arm off one of his underlings.

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