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Remember, kids: Safety first, danger second!

If you buy books, buy hardcover when possible. The reasoning for this is simple, when an idiot who bothers you while reading (because the cunt thinks you have nothing better to do), simply bludgeon their infantile head in. Then repeat because you have their schweinhund blood all over your book.

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hairyboobz: These were all hidden easter egg images from Los Protos’ old website circa Act I; as far as I’m aware, these are the only pictures that exist online. Also two more because they wouldn’t fit in the photoset: http://imgur.com/9kqeVLW http://imgur.com/PZE0uULh

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Wangechi Mutu

While Mutu employs a variety of mediums including video, installation, and sculpture, she is best known for her large-scale collages on pieces of Mylar.Mutu’s works often make the female body central, and confront the viewer with “plant-like or animal-like elements and intertwined abstract patterns” that merge the organic and the surreal with human forms. These hybrid creatures have bodies made of a combination of machine, animal, human and monster parts. Mutu constructs these warrior-like females out of magazine cutouts, sculpted and painted surfaces, and found materials.The sources her collage images range from a variety of media, including commercial fashion and lifestyle pornography, and automobile and motorcycle magazines. These distorted yet elegant figures that Mutu creates are based on the concept that, “Females carry the marks, language and nuances of their culture more than the male. Anything that is desired or despised is always placed on the female body.

i bought a beer today again at some local-ass neighborhood market and the potentially middle-easternish middle age cashier looked at my ID and said “…man….” like he was complaining about having to go to school that day

i asked him, “what?”

he said “You look so young.”

so far, normal exchange, except for the beginning. But as he handed me the beer and my change he parted with ‘Stay young.”

I told him I would try.

Now, I don’t know exactly what that means. I mean, i guess that means i promised to not smoke cigarettes much and to never do meth, but i planned on avoiding both in any case. i suppose that also means i should exercise more and eat healthy, but honestly i’m probably going to find more opportunities to do both as i settle in down here since i’m given to doing both of those things naturally. 

but i guess i bring this up just because some guy told me to stay young, and i told him that i’d try, even though i’m not sure what that means.

on the one hand, i firmly believe that city-folk worship youth to an unhealthy extent. but it’s something about the way he said it. it wasn’t just some aging guy wanting to live vicariously through me. wasn’t simple envy, though perhaps there was some wistful hint of that.

i mean, maybe i’m just reading into it too much, but that’s ok too. there’s something to the idea of valuing youth, or perhaps simply the appearance and demeanor of youth, that is actually healthy and worthwhile, as long as you don’t take it too far and botox the shit out of yourself and dress like a douchebag and alternately praise and peck at your younger relatives and shit like that.

there’s nothing wrong with admiring and valuing youthfulness. it’s just the criteria involved that’s important there.

i’m severely unconditioned towards the following activities/concepts:

  • socialization involving new and unfamiliar people (well, with a ratio greater than that of familiar people in a situation)
  • existing and functioning in san diego
  • being in a pseudo-relationship where both growing closer and drifting apart are terrifying propositions and yet simple maintenance is unsatisfactory to me—or, just being in anything like a relationship honestly
  • spending money dollars 
  • academic responsibilities

and i’ve had to do all of the above these past couple of weeks

sometimes i want to be brave and push my limits but

if mentally and emotionally i’m anything like how i am physically

i can perform unexpectedly and impressively well in the moment but my lack of conditioning shows for any extended activity. i can’t help but suspect my brain and willpower work the same way.

so i’ve been playing it cautious for now. part of me just wants to dive headlong into things but i’m far more inclined to ease into it. once i really hit that friend level with some of the GTAs then i’m probably just going to transition to all-in COMM-lyfe

but i’m just lounging at the side of the pool and getting my toes wet for now, and i think i’m okay with that at the moment. pros and cons to every approach.